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Keynote Webinar: Market overview

Diane Ray will give an overview of the Active Nutrition marketplace.  Where is the market growing?  Who are the consumers?  What are the opportunities?

  • Diane Ray
  • Diane Ray
  • Vice President of Strategic Innovation
  • Natural Marketing Institute
  • LinkedIn Diane Ray


CLUSTER DEXTRINTM (HBCD), the Excellent Energy Source for Athletes

Carbohydrate is necessary energy sources for us. Applicable ingestion of carbohydrate provides various benefits anytime in pre- intra- and post-workout. CLUSTER DEXTRINTM, manufactured by Glico Nutrition of Japan, is revolutionary carbohydrate.
CLUSTER DEXTRINTM is exceptionally soluble, and its osmotic pressure is near zero. These rare characteristics don’t just set it apart, Glico Nutrition’s exclusive CLUSTER DEXTRINTM – sometimes known as Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD) – is a new breed of dextrin supplement. It works similarly to other types of carbohydrate ingredients, but its advantage in enhancement stamina, increasing the absorption of Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA), and delivering constant energy is so dramatic that it becomes hard to imagine the serious athlete relying on anything else.

  • Robert Price
  • Robert Price
  • North American Product Manager, Nutritional Ingredients
  • Mitsubishi international Food Ingredients
  • LinkedIn Robert Price


Taking Active Nutrition Products to the Next Level

The category of sports performance has grown to encompass many areas of sports nutrition from energy and endurance, to muscle strength and cognitive function. With consumers having almost unlimited access to information, fueling awareness of the inseparable link between exercise and nutrition, there is growing interest in sports ingredients that can deliver specific science-supported benefits.
Kyowa Hakko invites you to learn about our unique ingredients that can deliver unique, targeted benefits to a wide variety of sports enthusiasts. Backed by 65+ years of manufacturing expertise, Kyowa offers a line of consistently pure ingredients that are safe, pure, consistent, and backed by science for efficacy.


Sporty nutrition for fitness enthusiasts. Efficient energy management as a game changer.

Mainstream foods are adjusting their range to offer a sporty message that appeals to many consumers who have health and fitness goals in mind.
From the gym fanatics that want to train their endurance all the way to life-stylers interested in body toning,… It all comes down to finding the right balance between exercise and nourishment; and benefitting from the use of body fat along with the use of carbohydrate energy.
This webinar shows how fuel management works and how a smart choice of carbohydrate energy can be game changing in many ways, thanks to improved fat burning.


Innovation Fulfills Today’s Active Nutrition Demands

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed a great deal of changes in people’s way of life, and maintenance of health.
Lifestyle and diet patterns have changed dramatically with continued modernization. Epidemic proportions of obesity, CVD, diabetes and other chronic conditions linked to lifestyle choices drive up healthcare costs and diminish quality of life.
Our research indicates how to reverse that pattern by making healthier choices, including innovative supplements that science confirms can help.
Let’s look at key ingredients that can sustain an Active Nutrition lifestyle, where the role of supplements is far more than maintaining healthy parameters but also to support the active lifestyle of consumers across a range of needs.


Roundtable Discussion.

Our panel of speakers will delve into the questions surrounding this market category such as, how do traditional sports nutrition companies play in this space?  What are some of the main product development trends?  Where is the research leading?